Dream Run Camp Staff

Ruby Wyles

Matt Fitzgerald

Head Coach

Matt started running on April 19, 1983, one day after watching his father complete the Boston Marathon. This began a lifelong love affair with the sport. Having completed 50 marathons of his own, authored more than 30 books, cofounded the world’s largest online provider of endurance training resources, and coached dozens of his fellow runners to their goals, Matt lives by the motto, “Let your passion, not your ability, decide how far you go.” That’s why he created Dream Run Camp–to enable runners of all abilities who share his passion for the sport to see just how far they can go.

Ruby Wyles

Lauren Clement

Assistant Coach

Lauren left a great job in her longtime home of Austin, Texas, and moved to Flagstaff just to be a part of Dream Run Camp. Folks, that’s what chasing a dream looks like! A licensed veterinarian, Lauren now divides her time between providing end-of-life pet care (you won’t find a bigger animal lover) and making sure every Dream Runner has a great experience (often by running with them). Having only discovered running in her late twenties, Lauren is making up for lost time, setting PR’s left and right and relishing the journey.

Ruby Wyles

AJ Gregg,


Strength Coach and Injury Expert

AJ Gregg is the creator of Strong Strides, whose mission is to bring high levels of assessment, training, and guidance to performance-driven athletes. He is a graduate of the University of Western States, where he received a doctorate of chiropractic and master of science degree in human nutrition and functional medicine. He previously earned his B.A. in health management from Luther College. An avid climber, AJ is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and serves as a strength coach for NAZ Elite.

Abby Chan

Hanna Hunstad

Marketing Director

Hanna is the director of marketing and business development at 80/20 Endurance, and lends the same skills to Dream Run Camp. She grew up in Michigan as a competitive swimmer and competed for four years at Boston College, captaining her team as a senior. She has since transitioned to triathlon, specializing in the Ironman 70.3 distance. Hanna recently relocated from Chicago to Boulder to facilitate her active lifestyle.

Abby Chan

Abby Chan, MS, RDN, RYT


Abby Chan, MS, RDN, RYT, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, strength coach, and registered yoga teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics and has accumulated more than ten years of experience in coaching, training, and teaching. Abby is particularly dedicated to working with individuals struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating, and athletes. Her expertise lies in guiding people to rebuild their relationship with food, movement, and their bodies while embracing body acceptance and neutrality. She strongly believes that every individual deserves to establish social and cultural connections through food, movement, and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, she is an avid aerialist and outdoor athlete and enjoys cycling, trail running, and skiing. 

She is the co-owner of EVOLVE Flagstaff, an integrative performance training center. EVOLVE specializes in injury rehabilitation and prevention led by experienced physical therapists, strength training and conditioning provided by expert certified strength and conditioning coaches, nutrition counseling with Registered Dietitians,, and meal preparation services through EVOLVE Eats.

Ruby Wyles



Mental Performance Consultant

Carrie is a performance and mental training expert, a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, and the author of On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance. She is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the mental and emotional challenges of recovering from injury. She coauthored the book Rebound: Train Your Mind to Bounce Back Stronger from Sports Injuries and is the cohost of the widely regarded podcast The Injured Athletes Club. As a coach and consultant, she has worked with thousands of athletes and coaches on mastering their mindsets so they can perform with less pressure and more consistency while enjoying the process. Through her coaching programs and the Rebound membership, she brings mindset training tools to athletes that help them shift their focus from anxiety and self-doubt to resilience and confidence. Carrie is on a mission to help athletes challenge their limiting beliefs, regain confidence in their gifts, and fall in love with their sport again.

Ruby Wyles

Brandie Tremper

Massage Therapist

Brandie’s massage style combines deep Swedish massage techniques, connective tissue treatment, trigger point release, cupping, and neuromuscular therapy to specifically target the source of a client’s pain or discomfort and help calm down the nervous system. Her massage can provide pain relief, increase range of motion, and enhance recovery from injury or athletic training. She works with athletes of all levels, as well as clients from all walks of life in the Flagstaff community.

Brandie has worked with Hypo2 Sport as a massage therapist since 2014 after graduating from the Arizona School of Integrative Studies in Flagstaff. Prior to her massage training, she was a full-time organic farmer and received a Bachelor of Science from NAU with a minor in Spanish. She has also studied yoga for many years and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2015. She loves gardening, cooking, rock climbing, mountain bike riding, hiking, and traveling with her husband, Bradley, and two young sons.

Ruby Wyles

Bob Kusenberger

Chief Financial Officer

When Matt Fitzgerald got back into coaching in 2017 after a long hiatus, Bob Kusenberger became his first client. Though Bob now works with a much better coach, he and Matt remain close friends. Bob has a passion for triathlon (he’s completed several Ironmans) and an expertise in business accounting, and he makes sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted in Dream Run Camp’s financial operations.

Ruby Wyles

Ruby Wyles

Social Media Manager

A native of England, Ruby came to the United States to attend college and pursue her dream of becoming a professional endurance athlete. Having recently earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, she’s currently working on a master’s degree in the same field at the University of Oklahoma. We hope to lure Ruby to Flagstaff when she’s done with school, but in the meantime she’s making a priceless contribution to Dream Run Camp as our volunteer social media manager.

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