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Welcome to the Club!


Thank you for joining Dream Run Club! Now let’s get you up and running. Follow these simple onboarding steps to start getting the most out of your Club benefits:

Coaching Consultation

Schedule your free, 30-minute, one-on-one coaching consultation here. This is your opportunity to get to know your Dream Run Club coaches, and for us to get to know you, so we can do our very best to enhance your running experience and help you achieve your goals and dreams!

Training Plan Set-Up

Click here to link your TrainingPeaks athlete account to our TrainingPeaks coach account. If you don’t have one, you will be prompted to set one up. Either way, Dream Run Club will cover the cost of your premium subscription for as along as you’re a Dream Run Club member.

Click here to complete our athlete intake form. This will supply us with the information we need to create your initial custom training plan. The plan will appear on your TrainingPeaks calendar within 48 hours of submission.  

Custom training plans typically range in length between 8 and 18 weeks, depending on your race schedule. When you’re 10 days away from completing a plan, we will gather more information from you and use it to create your next plan.

Join our Discourse forum

Look out for an email inviting you to join our Discourse community.

Download the app or log in via your browser.

This will be your primary channel for communication with Dream Run Club coaches Matt Fitzgerald and Ruby Wyles, as well as with your teammates.

Why Discourse?

More than a coaching platform, Dream Run Club is a community of like-minded runners looking to level up their running performance. Our Discourse forum is where it’s at when it comes to connecting with your fellow Dream Run Club teammates and coaches, serving multiple functions including:

Getting all your running questions answered (e.g., advice on shoes/gear, nutrition, hydration, cold- or warm-weather running, etc.)

Coaches’ office hours, where you will learn what it takes to get the most out of yourself in training and on race day

Sharing your running highs and lows

Cheering on your teammates, as well as receiving support from them

Nerding out on all things running as much or as little as you like!


Do not hesitate to reach out to Coach Ruby if you have any questions or trouble completing these steps: rubywyles@gmail.com

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